FPGA Design

Spring 2022

Course Announcement



實驗課講義作業請至此網站參閱: https://github.com/ncku-vlsilab/2023-FPGA-System-Design


Lab 0 (2/21) - Verilog練習

Lab 1 (3/7) - FPGA 實作流程

Lab 2 (3/21) - Block Design and Debugger Set Up

Lab 3 (4/11) - Embedded Processor and AXI IP

Lab 4 (4/25) - Block Ram

Lab 5 (5/9) - DSP48 Module

Lab 6 (5/23) - Python + Zynq = PYNQ



Course Description

FPGA is now a very popular programmable IC used for fast design/system prototyping. Its role will become much more important because of the flexibility and embedded function of FPGA. This course will cover FPGA-related design issues, inclouding different types of FPGA architecture, design and synthesis flow, trade-offs for optimized design, especially from algorithmic to architectural design, and the state-of-the-art development. Some design examples will also be introduced to help students accumulate experience on this topic.

Text Book

  • H. Kaeslin, Top-Down Digital VLSI Design – From Architectures to Gate-Level Circuits and FPGA, Morgan Kaufman, 2015.


  • W. Wolf, FPGA-Based System Design, Prentice Hall, 2004.
  • M.D. Cilette, Advanced Design with the Verilog HDL, Prentice Hall, 2003.
  • K.K. Parhi, VLSI Digital Signal Processing Systems: Design and Implementation, Wiley Inc. 1999.


Teaching Assitant